About Reusche & Co.

In 1906 Louis Reusche founded L. Reusche & Co. offering an incomparable selection of colors of every imaginable hue and texture to the discerning china artist.

Importing the very finest colors for blending from England, France and Germany, L. Reusche & Co's popularity has stood the test of time, developing their own colors for the glass and ceramic industries.

Trans World Supplies, Inc., which is Reusches parent company, bought Reusche in 1988 when it was located in New Jersey. Jon Rarick spent eight years commuting from Denver to New Jersey, getting the company ready for relocation.

Since Reusche & Co. relocated to Greeley in 1996 it has continued to thrive due to the constant introduction of new products and excellent service.

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Our Location in Greeley, Colorado

Jon Rarick, President

 Jaime Roberts, Customer Services Manager